The Reading Club is an informal group that chose to sign up and covenant to read the same book over a 12 month period including regular skype workshops based on chapters of the book.

2017 Book

The first book tackled by the Reading Club in 2017 was

Ellul, J.,  (1976) The Ethics of Freedom.  Eerdmans. Michigan.

Only people who have completed 4 or more modules can join the Reading Club.

If you wish to join the Reading Club please email

2018 Book

The book set for study in 2018 is

Redhead, S.,  (2008) The Jean Baudrillard Reader.  Columbia University Press.  New York.

2020 Book

Claxton, G.,  (2015)  Intelligence in the Flesh.  Yale University Press.  New Haven.

2021 Book

Lakhoff, G., and Johnson, M., (1980) Metaphors We Live By. University of Chicago Press. New York. ( Eng%202/Lakoff%20&%20Johnson%20-%20 Metaphors%20We%20Live%20By.pdf )

2022 Book

Johnson, M., (1987) The Body in the Mind. The Bodily Basis of Meaning, Imagination, and Reason. University of Chicago Press. Chicago.

2023 Book

Kierkegaard, S., (1974) Fear and Trembling, and The Sickness Unto Death. Translated Walter Lowrie, Princeton. New Jersey.