Study of Semiotics

The study of semiotics is foundational to the Social Psychology of Risk. Semiotics is the study of signs, symbols, signifiers, what is signified and significance. A sign or symbol is anything that can stand for something else except a sign is definitive and a symbol is not. At a deep level metaphor, myth, gesture, poetics (music, drama, poetry, dance, art, icons) are all symbols, symbolic and semiotic.

Semiotics works in the individual and ‘collective unconscious and makes up ‘the consensually validated grammar’ (code) of language and discourse in organisations. Language is not complete in any one speaker but rather exists only in collectivity, in the ‘i-thou’ of ‘meeting’.

Our sign systems

Our sign systems play a major part in how we construct social reality and our reality cannot be separated from the sign-systems in which they are experienced. Semiotics should not be confused with just the study of semantics and language, although words do matter. Text is also symbolic and semiotic. Semiotics understands that messaging and all communication are intertwined (coded) with the values, attitudes and beliefs in organising.

How meaning and purpose is absorded

Semiotics seeks to understand the many ways people come to a belief and meaning through unconscious ‘codes’ and rules embedded in many communicating ‘devices’. Semiotics is interested in how meaning and purpose (semiosis) is ‘absorbed’ covertly, constructed and unconsciously experienced rather than what is contained in overt communications policy.

You can see some videos on semiotics below.

An Introduction to Semiotics and Risk

What is semiotics?

Semiotic walks

The Rational-aRational Divide

Semiotic Tools

The following list of tools are used in education, learning and training in the Social Psychology of Risk.

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Semiotics Mandala

Semiotics Pyramid

Visual Spatial Card