SPoR Experts

The following people have all studied extensively in the Social Psychology of Risk and have consultancies in leadership, risk and culture in the Social Psychology of Risk.

All are members of the RYSK Academy and deliver programs and training in SPoR to companies and organisations globally.

Please contact each directly if interested in work in your area.

Alternatively, write to Dr Long ( for a recommendation for your next presentation or workshop/advising needs.

Craig Ashhurst (Canberra)

PhD candidate ANU on Collective Coherence

Gabrielle Carlton (Canberra)

Founder of The Social Psychology of Resilience

Hayden Collins (Melbourne)

Founder of Risk Intelligent

James Ellis (Sydney)

Dee Henshall (Brisbane)

Roy Fitzgerald (Perth)

Specialist in Graphic Thinking and Author of Tackling Risk, A Field Guide to Risk and Learning.

Michael Kruger (Linz Austria)

Author: It Takes Two to Tango

Dennis Millard (Brisbane)

Rob Sams (Newcastle)

Author: Social Sensemaking

Matt Thorne (Adelaide)

Andrew Thornhill (Melbourne)

Dave Whitefield (Brisbane)