iCue Diagnostic

The Centre for Leadership and Learning in Risk ( has
developed a Risk and Safety Intelligence Test so that people in the risk and safety
industry can know their level of risk intelligence. We call this diagnostic the ‘HSE
Risk iCue’(not IQ).

The diagnostic comprises 20 standard questions about Work, Health, Risk and
Safety. The key to the iCue Diagnostic is not the questions but the intelligence of
the answers.
If you wish to take the test the fee is $200 (aus).
Once you register for the test you will be posted the diagnostic. Then you
complete the test and return to Dr Long. Dr Long marks the test and sends it
back with your iCue score out of 100% and a brief report.
Your returned test also comes with the Marking Rubric that explains why and
how the diagnostic is scored. The returned test also serves as a gap analysis of
what is known and not known about risk intelligence by the candidate.
The comprehensive test maps your current knowledge about risk against a
breadth of possible responses founded in orthodox HSE, Holistic Ergonomics and
The Social Psychology of Risk (SPoR).
You can register for the HSE iCue Diagnostic here – iCue Diagnostic: