Once someone has been certified as a ‘Master’ in the Social Psychology of Risk they become a RYSK ‘Maven’.

RYSK Mavens

  • Meet once a year for a conference based in Canberra Australia to share ideas, research and for strategic thinking.
  • Collaborate on publications including papers, books, blogs and group projects.
  • Receive full access to all SPoR, CLLR and Human Dymensions IP, tools and products including pdfs of all publications.
  • Permission to use SPoR IP in teaching and training.
  • Direct and complementary coaching and support by Dr Long and Dr Ashhurst.
  • Access to other Maven’s in the network eg. Roy Fitzgerald with advanced semiotic thinking, Craig Ashhurst with Wickedity and Collective Coherence, Michael Kruger with SPoR publishing and Rob Sams with Social Sensemaking
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